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There has been a lot of talk recently about the micro blogging. Micro blogging is a blogging platform that lets you post very small updates about your life, to help keep you and your friends up to date with each others lives. The services are kept very simple so anyone can use them easily.

Two of the biggest players in this field are and I don’t have any friends on any of these services so I decided to try them both out and see what they are like.

Who is more popular
One for the first things I do when evaluating two different online communities is look at the usage statistics. I usually will go with the bigger company, more stable, more secure, etc. According to seems to have a pretty good lead on
+1 point for

I like having my own sub domain, personal preference that comes from the old geocities days. provides a sub domain while doesn’t.

+1 point for

Who owns your data
I am very paranoid about losing my data or a free service that becomes pay and holds my data ransom. These are things that wake me up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat. Lucky both of these sites allow for offsite backups and YOU OWN your own data. They also let you use your own domain just incase your mini blog ever becomes super popular and you want to switch services.
+3 points for
+3 points for

Post categories lets you identify posts under media types such as text, photos, links, chat, audio, video, etc. doesn’t let you set a category.
+1 point for

How do I create a new post
Both allow you to post via IM, Email, Phone, Client, API, etc
+5 points each,

Themes look and feel only gives you the very basic theme options, good enough for most people. other hand gives you full control while keeping it simple enough for the basic user to use.
+2 points for (I really like there theme viewer/editor)

Go with whatever service has more of your friends on it. There both pretty much the same. If you are the first or a trendsetter I would suggest I personally will not be switching off of WordPress myself. WordPress is just too powerful and I can host it on my own servers (+10,000 points) my own paranoia wont let me use any of these services for too long.

9 points for
12 points for

26 thoughts on “Twitter vs Tumblr”

  1. -> I really like THEIR theme viewer/editor
    -> THEY’RE both pretty much the same

    I may be picky, but I still think you should use proper grammar if your page is the first hit on Google for “tumblr vs twitter.” Oh, and “would’ve” is the contraction of “would have,” not “would of” (just in case). I hate how many people make that mistake.

    1. Are you kidding me? There is no such thing as “would of” – it doesn’t mean anything. You might be continuously mistaking the pronunciation of “would’ve” for “would of”, but that just makes you stupid.

  2. The great thing about the internet is that you can say anything you want. true or more often then not false you can say it.

    If I didn’t like his comment I would have removed it.
    And its not my responsibility to make legible posts, even if I am the first hit on Google for “tumblr vs twitter.

  3. When i was reading B M’s comment i thought he or she, probably a she, was calling Steven out because he used “U” instead of “You” or something along the lines of that. Which frankly still wouldn’t be a huge deal, but he or she was whining over some contractions we learned from high school. Can i second TJ?

  4. You’re all a buncha douches :]

    In my honest opinion, criticism is the first step towards self growth and understanding. As I see it, anyone, anywhere would say “the customer comes first” and this is no different. Readers will certainly accept something written like this, but the better your writing, the better you represent yourself.

    Thanks for this post though. Personally, I would just use both, as nowadays its easy to post to both of them. Only tell your friends about one or the other, and then you’ve got essentially two channels. One for professional posts, one for casual posts, and both for everything in-between :}

  5. I love them both equally, like said above. I also love that twitter updates also my facebook status, as well as my tumblr, which I have my twitter feeding into.

  6. You know what, Steve, you gave a stellar review and very much appreciate the help in making my decision. I’m going to give Tumblr a whirl.

    All that said, you guys should be ashamed of yourselves for slamming someone who is doing nothing but giving you information and help in making a decision. NO one is perfect; and shame on y’all for being complete tools.

  7. Twitter only offers 160 characters of text, and you can’t post photos or video without third-party tools likt twitpic, twitvid, etc.
    -1,000,000 Twitter

    You can post uploaded or linked photos on Tumblr, and Tumblr automatically converts links from YouTube and other popular video sites into embedded videos. And of course, far more than 160 characters of text.
    +1,000,000 Tumblr

    P.S. If you can’t write well in your native language, you should WANT to be corrected by “douchebags.” Poor writing makes even the smartest people seem ignorant, and poor writers usually aren’t aware of it, so they don’t ask people to proofread their stuff. If nobody makes them aware of their mistakes, they could lose a job by making mistakes on a job application, lose potential customers by messing up an advertisement, etc. Spell check and grammar check help, but actually learning your language is a far better solution, so I think language douches or grammar nazis or whatever you call them are helpful in that respect.

    1. @Twitter is featureless
      Twitter only allows 140 characters.
      Tumblr. reminds me of MySpace before the glitter-text, phishing scams, and viruses. Hopefully it doesn’t become too over-popular, and suffer the same fate.

  8. Tumblr also has a really tight-knit community. It’s easy to make close friends if you just spend a little time getting to know a few people.

  9. I personally think twitter has got big community and especially all celebrity are on twitter, i have’nt heard about any celebrity on tumblr.Although i have’nt used tumblr and BTW who has so much time to give time to tumblr in the midst of facebook and twitter.

  10. Do you all (Ya’ll) ever get out? Like in the dirt to ride dirt bikes or quads? Camp in the Mountains? Or just sit around douche baggin? Geez.

    1. How does no hit you in the face?
      Going out to “see the world” increases the possibility of coming across a hypocrite who sits around “douche baggin” on their computer, about turning off our computers, to have some fun, without knowing a thing about our lives.
      “See and touch real people”? I deal with real people all day. They aren’t all that great.

  11. God, I smiled when I saw you awarded WordPress with instant 10,000 points just because you’re a fans. Nothing wrong with that though. You just made someone’s hell Sunday to a bearable one.

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