Life tracking Jan 2014

This chart was generated with the help of Rescue Time. It looks like I’m more productive this month (58) than last month (53)



Top used apps on PC and Phone

This month I started and completed Bioshock Infinite, a great game.

  1. Gmail
  2. sublime_text
  3. Bioshock Infinite
  4. Google Talk for Android
  6. Visual Studio
  7. Skype
  8. GMail for Android
  9. Putty

Movement tracking 

This chart of where I spend most of my time was generated with using the data provided by Moves app. A good week for steps should be 70,000. More steps then last month over all but I still had a bad week after new years.

Week Starting Home Work Other Places Travel Fitness Steps
1/26/2014 81 h 4 min 22 h 12 min 30 h 40 min 2 h 1 min 7 h 42 min 49165
1/19/2014 112 h 11 min 16 h 39 min 24 h 11 min 3 h 38 min 6 h 36 min 53805
1/12/2014 99 h 19 min 0 h 0 min 13 h 26 min 5 h 36 min 4 h 48 min 35835
1/5/2014 90 h 8 min 31 h 0 min 28 h 35 min 4 h 46 min 5 h 57 min 46085
12/29/2013 107 h 39 min 16 h 8 min 34 h 14 min 1 h 51 min 7 h 45 min 52190

The following map is generated by Google’s location history page. Since this map is automatically generated it contains many errors. I don’t find it as useful as the moves map above.


Search patterns

This image is generated from Google’s search history page. +400 searches then the previous month


BC Hydro

This map was created by BC Hydro usage monitoring with a smart meter. I have been doing much better this month and I was able to stay under my energy goal.



Doing much worse on length of sleeping. Its more even than last month but its still not long enough.

Total sleep time: 195.6 hours
Average daily sleep: 7.2 hours
Avg. sleep/record: 7.2 hours


Generated with the help of an android app called Sleep Bot

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