2013 Goals and Resolutions

Goals and Resolutions for 2013
(In no particular order)

  • Create a new post for ABlueStar.com (This blog) each week. – Last year I only missed a few weeks and created a total of a ~47 post.
  • Learn Ruby on Rails using Heroku. Currently all my web projects are created with JavaScript and PHP. While there is nothing wrong with JS and PHP I feel that i am shooting myself in the foot by not learning one of the newest web programming languages.
  • Do 300+ Geo Caches this year. I just started Geo Caching this year during October and I have found a total of 22 confirmed caches. The number would be a lot higher if I would have started at the start of summer instead of fall. This also helps me get outside. It gives me a reason a quest to do.
  • Create a open data apps for Vancouver.
  • Make a board game/card game. After the success of Cards Against Humanity on their recent pay what you can campaign as really inspired me to make my own crowd-sourced board/card game.
  • Start using ifttt.com more to help automate my life.
  • Create more sensors to monitor my life.

It looks like I have only ever done one post like this in the past What I did in 2010, Year end review. It looks like I have accomplished all the goals I set out for my self in 2010, Woot!


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